How do we have $100B in Unfunded Liabilities?

How do we have $100B in Unfunded Liabilities? While certain Connecticut politicians and media outlets preen about the state’s fiscal...

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Survey Suggests Lack of Confidence in Connecticut’s Business Climate

The sharp economic downturn as a result of coronavirus has exposed a lack of confidence among business owners in state policies,...

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News 8 Investigates: Is Connecticut a friendly business state?

The first part in an original News 8 Investigates profiles how one business owners dealing with the state Banking Department is...

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The State of Connecticut

There is much that is attractive about Connecticut, but we have an enormously declining business climate, deeply embedded budget imbalances, and a loss of the state’s highest income earners. Businesses create jobs. Jobs build thriving communities. Thriving communities provide better quality of living and improved health, all which are the key cornerstones to living. The state of Connecticut was designed to produce such a way of life. Together, we will boldly reclaim a prosperous business market for the state, the civil liberties of its citizens and overcome every setback.

Ranked 18th Back in 2008

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Back in 2008

Back In 2008

The State of Connecticut was ranked 18th with job growth as reported by CGA.

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We will rise to every challenge and reposition Connecticut to be more..powerful than any time in history.

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We will seize every opportunity to make the society better for all by bringing common sense governance back to Connecticut.

Reclaim CT Join the Movement

The hard fact is that Connecticut’s economy, measured by Gross State Product (GSP), has actually declined since 2007 - in stark contrast to neighboring states and the U.S. as a whole.

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