Committed to Connecticut's Businesses and Working with YOU to Reclaim our State!

ReclaimCT is committed to progress the business affairs for the state of Connecticut. We will seize every opportunity to make the society better for all by bringing common sense governance back to the state. We have envisioned the future state of Connecticut and the necessary pathways to get there. Our business model covers the “Three C’s”, concerns, consensus, and collective actions to drive the goal to “cultivate outcomes favorable for doing business in the state of Connecticut”.


Continue to evaluate the state’s fiscal instability, monitor governing officials agendas and the legislation that drive the overall landscape for the state’s business climate. Here is what we have consensus on to-date:

The states poorly run budget has multi-billions in unfunded liabilities, falling bond rates and stagnant economic growth compared to neighboring states on most important indices

Overall political environment is anti-business creating a public bias (Cost of Doing Business in Connecticut 2021 is graded a D- and ranks 118 according to economic profile sources: U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federation of Tax Administrators)

Decades of one-party rule, creating a lack of checks and balances, conditions for obscurity instead of accountability [created a long-standing situation of insiders with bureaucratic plants that have influenced the states governmental agencies and contaminated environments]
High cost of living, including high real estate taxes, highest gas tax and a high sales tax of 7%
Regulation through enforcement instead of proper rule making [The life blood of regulatory creep]
Size and strength of Unions create conditions for misconduct, leaving rogue bureaucrats feeling untouchable



Together, we will change the current business landscape (currently rewarding to the “few insiders”) to a business competitive state. To progress this initiative, ReclaimCT will unravel the actions and lack thereof, that impacts entrepreneurship and business in the state. We will reposition the state of doing business in Connecticut to an attractive solution for all, as a viable solution in the global commerce market. Beyond vision, key principles have guided the formation of our recommendations to retain and welcome new entrepreneurs and businesses to the state.

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